Product Safety & Development


SARA conducts literature searches; designs efficacy, safety and toxicity studies; interprets literature and study findings; and writes reports to help clients in the development of safe and efficacious products.  


Product Liability & Injury Claims

SARA investigates injury claims and provides insurance & litigation support and expert testimony for a broad range of products, exposures, and settings.


Reports & Special Projects


SARA conducts special research projects and writes technical & informational reports to support clients. 


Adverse Health Effects

Adverse Health Effects investigated include

• Auditory Impairment
• Birth Defects (Teratogenesis)
• Cancer
• Cognitive Impairment
• Death
• Developmental Delays And Toxicity
• Hepatotoxicity
• Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
• Nephrotoxicity
• Neurological Damage
• Organ Failure
• Peripheral Neuropathy
• Reproductive Toxicity
• Renal Failure
• Respiratory Injury & Disease
• Visual Impairment