Product Safety & Development


SARA conducts literature searches; designs efficacy, safety and toxicity studies; interprets literature and study findings; and writes reports to help clients in the development of safe and efficacious products.  


Product Liability & Injury Claims

SARA investigates injury claims and provides insurance & litigation support and expert testimony for a broad range of products, exposures, and settings.


Reports & Special Projects


SARA conducts special research projects and writes technical & informational reports to support clients. 


Product Liability & Injury Claims 


Product Liability Issues

All product use is associated with risk for adverse effects or injury, which may arise from:
• Accidental misuse
• Genetic predisposition
• Intentional misuse or poisoning
• Interactions with other products
• Pre-existing medical conditions

SARA helps clients to identify and thus minimize risk through due diligence, such as:
• Identification of residuals or potential contaminants in a product
• Identification of underlying medical conditions that predispose an individual to toxicity
• Identification of interactions with other products or the environment
• Performance of laboratory and animal studies
• Quantification of toxic levels of a product or its components
• Regulatory submissions
• Searches of the medical and scientific literature

When an adverse effect or injury has occurred, SARA helps to identify causation for purposes such as:
• Criminal cases
• Expert opinions and testimony
• Insurance claims
• Litigation support
• Wrongful death claims

Injury Claims & Litigation

SARA investigates claims that exposure to chemicals, pesticides, or pollutants; consumption of foods, beverages, herbals, dietary products, or supplements; administration or consumption of drugs alone or in combination; or use of medical devices was responsible for adverse health effects. We provide insurance claims investigation of toxicologic and pharmacologic issues and litigation support and expert opinions and testimony. Link to more information on agents, products & adverse health effects investigated.  We provide insurance claims investigation of toxicologic and pharmacologic issues and litigation support and expert opinions and testimony.

Our expertise in clinical, animal and laboratory toxicology, pharmacology, and biochemistry greatly facilitates the integration of case-specific information with current scientific knowledge to form scientifically sound, defensible opinions. We do not specialize in working for either defense or plaintiffs, but instead simply aim to discover the truth—an approach that best serves the client and public good.

Working with attorneys and insurance claims adjusters, we can determine whether claims are reasonable and whether injury claims are likely to have resulted from specific, reported agents or events. We help our clients determine if the claims in a case are scientifically warranted and medically defensible, and work closely with them to develop scientifically defensible legal strategies.