Reports & Special Projects

SARA researches and compiles scientific and medical data, information, and literature for its clients. The compiled information can then be analyzed and an expert or summary report written. The report can be issued in many different forms from a memo to monograph format.  See examples of Technical and Informational Reports.

Some of the uses of these reports are:
• Information for the Lay Public and advisory groups
• Support of criminal and civil legal proceedings
• Support of Regulatory Submission (e.g., FDA)
• Technical Report to summarize a field of information for scientists
• “White Paper” for “in-house” use and possible future external distribution

Special Projects encompass a vast array of investigative and scientific expertise and services to help SARA’s clients get the information that they need to make decisions and to scientifically support their claims. SARA may be working independently or with a client’s “in-house” or other experts. SARA is experienced with collaborating with experts from many diverse fields.


Technical and Informational Reports

Examples of Technical reports are those written for EPRI assessing the known effects of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2).


Rice SA:  Health Effects of CO2. Palo Alto, CA: EPRI; Sacramento, CA: California Energy Commission; Tucker, GA: Oglethorpe Power; and Chattanooga, TN: Tennessee Valley Authority, 1009613, 2004.

Rice SA:  Health Effects of CO2 on Animals of Economic Importance. EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 6424-063512, 2007.

Rice SA:  CO2 Health Effects on Wildlife Species. EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 1018283, 2008.

Other technical reports are produced in memo form, such as:

Rice SA:  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Toxicity (Studies to Support Shorter-Term Peak Concentration for CO2 Exposure). Memo to: Karen Thundiyil, US EPA, subcontractor to Stratus Consulting, Inc.; EPA Contract No. EP-W-06-010, Task 6 of Task Order 2, Stratus Consulting, Inc., December 27, 2006.

SARA also writes reports for use by non-scientists, such as:

Rice SA:  Summary Report of the Health Effects of CO2. EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 1010168, 2005.











Susan A. Rice, PhD